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As part of  NUVOLA® orthodontic aligners production, the brand and product owner (Gruppo Europeo di Ortodonzia S.r.l.) has identified a critical area in the ability to print 3D models.

The current technology used (SLA), although strongly recognized as a market leader in the orthodontic field, as well as in prototyping, has shown production limits determined by the increasing volumes requested by our customers. Each of the 3D printers adopted is able to print about 10 models / hour (since the printing cycle is about 50 minutes and the loading / unloading and start-up operations takes the remaining 10 minutes).

We therefore researched and identified a new and innovative technology, designed for high volume productions, that would also allow further improvements as regards the precision and finishing of the models produced on an industrial level (DOUBLE MOVING DLP® HEADS). The target solution will be able to print up to 55 models / hour, has an 8-cycle based feeding system capable of printing up to 400 models without interruption, with a maximum daily capacity of 1200 models / day.

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