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G.E.O. UK European Orthodontic Ltd

G.E.O. UK European Orthodontic Ltd is owned by Gruppo Europeo di Ortodonzia Srl (GEO), an ISO 9001:2008/UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificated dental laboratory  for the design, production and marketing of Custom-made orthodontic devices.

GEO has twenty years experience in continuous research and experimentation and has made important innovations in exclusive modern orthodontics.

GEO's ethos is to continually up date our software programme. This enables us to be a leading research and development manufacturer in innovative appliances:

  • the systematic creation of alternative and innovative orthodontic techniques;

  • collaboration with dental clinics and manufacturers in the sector as technical consultants;

  • participation in national and international conferences;

  • submissions to scientific publications.

GEO develops all its orthodontic devices through commitment to professional design and manufacture using bio-compatible materials and advanced techniques of laser welding, 3D programming to produce high quality CEE registered devices including Quad-helix and Palatal Expander.

GEO is the creator and distributor of NUVOLA, one the most widely used systems of clear aligners produced in Italy, and supplied through out Europe.

GEO has the exclusive rights to produce and market Inman Aligners in Italy and provides full training and technical support.

GEO aims to deliver specialist support throughout diagnostic, treatment planning and 3D simulation from start to finish treatment.

Our main commitment is to guarantee the highest quality products, utilising the latest technologies in the dental field including precision mechanics and 3D digital simulation

Modern technology is combined with traditional craftsmanship and high attention to detail in all the orthodontic devices that we produce.

GEO UK European Orthodontic Ltd is a member of the Dental Laboratories Association and is a registered manufacturer of Custom-made devices with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority.